CryptoGnome Client notes

There is a great overview of version control system functionality at the Software Carpentry site[1]. It's well worth the ten minutes it takes to read.

The Drunkard

There is a brain-damaged client that was written as a test harness for the basic server called rmi-client. It's useful but not very. You build it thusly:

  1. cd scsh/client
  2. make rmi-client

rmi-client --help is about as much help as you're going to get for it. The Drunkard exposes too much low-level detail to be worth coming up with nice documentation at this point.

Emacs Client

The Emacs client will center around a dired-style buffer which is connected to a collection in a repository. All storage will take place on the server side (for the time being). This is bad news because it means that the CryptoGnome won't work offline, but it has the advantage of deferring client metadata and replication issues until we've bootstrapped a useful system.

Watch this space!


  1. Unfortunately, it seems to consist mainly of broken links. What's still there is quite good though.

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